Top Surgery Guidebook

by Stevie Linn Springs

The Top Surgery Guidebook is a 40-page zine for queer/trans people of all genders. Disabled, Fat, BIPOC, & neurodivergent bodyminds are centered in this resource.It includes:

  • Augmentations, mastectomies, & reductions

  • Checklists, timelines, & shopping lists

  • How to: pick the procedure you want, avoid surgical complications, find insurance coverage, get supporting letters, choose a surgeon, & prepare for doctor appointments

  • What to expect: leading up to surgery, day of surgery, week 1 post-op, weeks 2-6, & beyond

  • Hot tips from hot trans who’ve had top surgery

  • Post-op gender euphoria tips

The PDF is free for personal use. If you print copies to distribute for free at your library, community resource center, etc., I'd love to know about it! Please inquire beforehand about any other uses.

You can also pick it up in-store at the following places:

If you're having trouble accessing the shortlinks in the Top Surgery Guidebook, they're linked here.